株式会社レジデンストーキョーが運営する「Tokyo Reasonable Stay」にて、年末年始&引越しシーズンに向けキャンペーンスタート!

株式会社レジデンストーキョーが運営する外国人向けの家具付き格安賃貸サイト「Tokyo Reasonable Stay」にて、年末年始~春の引越しシーズンにかけての、外国人向け割引キャンペーンをスタートいたしました。


Get updates about special offers from “Tokyo Reasonable Stay”.
Fully furnished accommodations with least initial cost for expats in Tokyo.

October 31st, 2016, at 10a.m. (JST), RESIDENCE TOKYO CO., LTD. has released special discount offers for the New Year Holiday and Spring Moving Seasons on “Tokyo Reasonable Stay”.

RESIDENCE TOKYO CO., LTD. develops and manages affordable fully furnished apartment rooms for Foreigners seeking residence in Tokyo. Nearly 300 well-organized rooms are provided in popular areas all around Tokyo. Such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Akihabara and Asakusa, the hot spots for business and tourism.

Foreigners often face a number of difficulties while trying to rent an apartment in Tokyo. For beginners, lessees are charged with key money along with a security deposit, which is normally about 1 to 2 months worth of rent. Moreover, an average of 30,000JPY is charged as a lock-exchanging fee.

By adding other fees such as fire insurance, agency commission, and furniture, initial costs can typically estimate up to approximately 500,000JPY or more.

As if these initial costs were not overwhelming enough, lessees are also required to have a Japanese guarantor. Guarantor is the person who is responsible for the rent in case the lessee default on payment.

There are guarantor companies to co-sign the contract instead of individual guarantor in exchange of fee. However their companies are mostly only for Japanese citizen. Lastly, lessees must have a Japanese bank account for monthly payments. If any of these requirement is not fulfilled, the person is not eligible to rent an apartment in Tokyo.

To relinquish one’s self of such burdens when renting an apartment in Tokyo is an incredibly rare opportunity, and their greatest of many incredible features RESIDENCE TOKYO CO., LTD. has to offer.

To create a convenient, stress free and affordable experience is their goal when you lessee from RESIDENCE TOKYO CO., LTD. To do that, they have exempted all security deposit, key money, agency commission, insurance, and lock exchanging fees.

With utilities such as water, gas and electricity included, these apartments are affordable, with prices ranging between 100,000 – 130,000 JPY monthly. Both credit card and PayPal are acceptable forms of payment and a Guarantor is not required. 
Another feature are the spaces they provide. Apartments come with hotel-like space design. Rooms are fitted with a bed, TV, kitchen, and washing machine. Complementary Wi-Fi connectivity is also included.

In addition, several English speaking staff is available to assist customers with inquiry, trouble shooting at the time of check-in and check-out. Properties and services are available for long term to short term, whether your purpose of stay is business, leisure or education.

“Tokyo Reasonable Stay” features well furnished rooms in Tokyo with the least initial cost. Eliminating deposit, administration fee and key replacement cost to minimize initial cost makes apartment hunting more convenient and affordable. With that said, the special discount offer provides even more of a discount of monthly costs by moving in after December 2016.

If you are planning to stay in Tokyo, We highly recommend visiting the website and contacting us for more information.

「Tokyo Reasonable Stay」

◆Company Profile◆

Representative: Koji Nozaka, Chief Executive Officer

Capital: 30 million yen
Address: 5F Fukuyoshi-cho BLD, 2-2-6, Roppongi, Minato-Ward, Tokyo, Japan

Nature of Operations: Planning, development and operation of monthly condominiums
Achievement: Net Sales 564 million yen (as of the end of May 2016)
Public Relations: Izumi Kishiji
Tel: (+81)3-5797-7744
Email : info@residencetokyo.com

外国人向け家具付き格安賃貸サイト「Tokyo Reasonable Stay」で割引セールスタート!

2016年10月31日10時(日本時間)東京の外国人向け不動産運営会社・株式会社レジデンストーキョーが展開するサイト「Tokyo Reasonable Stay」で、年末年始のホリデイと春の引越しシーズンに向けた割引セールがスタートしました。








そんな株式会社レジデンストーキョーが、年末年始のホリデイシーズンと春の引越しシーズンに向けた割引セールを「Tokyo Reasonable Stay」でスタートしました。
「Tokyo Reasonable Stay」では、家具家電付き・敷金礼金不要・保証人不要・事務手数料無料・鍵交換費不要と、東京で部屋を探す外国人にとって高いハードルとなる初期費用を大きくカットしていますが、2016年12月以降の契約開始を対象にした今回の割引を利用すれば、月額料金を更に安くすることが出来ます。


「Tokyo Reasonable Stay」

◆株式会社レジデンストーキョー 会社概要:
代表取締役:野坂 幸司
所在地:東京都港区六本木2-2-6 福吉町ビル5階
業績:第一期 売上高 5億6,400万円
広報担当:岸路 泉